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There are two versions of John Knight’s The Sanctuary, and three donation options:

The Standard Edition—a 6×9, 618-page Paperback—features the full story, but does not include  pictures of the wolves. $23.95

Standard Edition Book

The Special Edition—an 11½x9, 552-page Coffee Table Book—only features an abbreviated version of the story, but includes hundreds pictures of the wolves and more. $59.95

Special Edition Book

The Package Deal—for $69.95—includes both books, and a savings of $13.95.

Package Deal

1) The Standard Edition is a 6 x 9, 618-page paperback book for a tax-deductible donation of $23.95. It DOES NOT include images of the wolves. We recommended this option for the full story and an easy read.

2) The Special Edition is an 11 ½ x 9, 552 – page coffee table book which includes hundreds of high – quality images of the wolves and more for a tax-deductible donation of $59.95.

While the Special Edition is one of the most beautiful books you will ever own, if your primary interest is in reading the story, we DO NOT recommend getting it unless you’re getting the Standard Edition as well. Also, due to the volume of high-quality images of the wolves, those from John’s childhood and early adult life, and the complexity of the book design, the Special Edition only features an abbreviated version of the story. Furthermore, the Special Edition is a large, heavy, coffee table book, and therefore, not as comfortable to read as the smaller (6×9) Standard Edition. It is intended to serve as a supplement to the Standard Edition, which features the full story, as the images in the Special Edition tell the story as well and help bring it to life.

3) The Package Deal includes both versions of the book for a tax-deductible donation of $69.95—a savings of $13.95. For the full effect of this captivating story, we highly recommended choosing the package deal.

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